Spring Awakening

In common with most people it seems, my first exposure to the Pilates Method was via matwork. I have only a hazy memory of this but remember clearly my introduction to working with the Apparatus. I definitely enjoyed working on the mat – I have enjoyed lots of...

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Balancing act

In the Pilates studio there should always be a lot of attention paid to alignment.  Indeed, alignment is often posited as an additional Pilates principle. When our bones are in the right space in relation to one another then the muscles are free to do what they are...

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Why Pilates?

It’s one of those phrases which crops up again and again, but I think it bears repeating. Hana Jones, an inspiring woman and superb Pilates Teacher, was the first person to draw my attention to it, back on my matwork teacher training. “You teach best, what you most...

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