About Pilates

Pilates is a movement practice and philosophy which was devised by Joseph Pilates over the course of his lifetime, then developed and evolved since then, as Pilates professionals have incorporated up to the minute knowledge of how the body works and can be supported. Jo Pilates used his background as a circus performer, together with his experience with dancers and performers, and integrated aspects of yoga into the work. He envisaged his Matwork and Apparatus as complementary – not an either/or practice. He devised the studio equipment using spring-based resistance to support the body where it needs it and to provide physical challenge where appropriate too.

At the Tufnell Park studio there is up to the minute Balanced Body and Purist Pilates equipment – providing a mixture of the modern and the more classical Pilates apparatus. The aim here is to welcome the new whilst maintaining a grounding in the traditional repertoire.

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